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What We Do...

At Enablcom, we develop web based business applications focused on changing the way our clients think about their business.

Our apps are business-driven, user-focused, and highly innovative.

We offer a proven and radically different way of designing web applications. Nobody knows your business like you do but during the initial stage in the process, we’ll try and get to know it as well as the people who keep it running every day.


Are you looking to streamline your business, club, society or venture?

You could benefit from moving over to a cloud based system, saving both time and money.

Our Services

Web Application Development

Custom business application development systems.

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We have been developing bespoke Web-based applications and have the skills required to successfully deliver your cloud based online application system.
1. Custom Business Application Development
2. Cloud Based Application Hosting and Management
3. Refactoring/Re-writing Legacy Based Business Applications


Case Study

Redeveloping a legacy application

Brief: To redevelop a legacy application for a cost transformational consultancy organisation, make the application more performant, reduce the reliance on internal technical support to manage the application and take it from the internal servers and develop it so became cloud based.


Do you run a community village hall?

We provide online booking and scheduling for community facilities.
Our product is designed to solve your cash flow and booking problems and allow you to better manage your community spaces.


Our Products

Venue Booking System

Online booking systems for village halls, sports club and community groups


Subscription Management System

Do away with paper systems and go to the cloud. Save time and money.


Our Approach

We take the time to understand your operations and requirements—and help you determine the most effective solution to your unique business challenges. Once we’ve determined together what you need, we develop an interactive prototype to bring the conversation to life. In our initial design, we ensure that your application is intuitive, easy to use, and serves your users the way you need it to. Doing this early in the process means you know exactly how the software will work and allows us to tailor the application more specifically to how you want it to work.

This makes the development process faster and easier for us—and more cost-efficient for you. Once we’ve written the code, we do our best to break it. We thoroughly test the code to find and eliminate any problems—and make sure your software is working properly. This step is essential in assuring an error-free launch.

When it comes to applications, we leave no room for compromise.

The Benefits

Web applications provide business and customers with a huge range of benefits compared to non-Web based applications:
1. By developing project as a Web application (as opposed to a desktop application), you immediately make it accessible over the web – delivered to people or businesses with Internet access and a modern Internet browser.
2. Web applications are much easier to update than their desktop counterparts. To update a Web application, the amendments only need to be made to one place: the server on which the Web application runs. To update a Desktop application, however, is a much more complicated task as updates require to distributed to each and every one of the end users of the application.
3. Desktop applications which need to be installed on every user’s machine, Web applications are accessible by anyone with an Internet connection. In the same way as the Internet has revolutionised the way we shop, it’s also revolutionised the way we interact with computers.

If it's possible to have your service or product run as a Web application rather than a desktop application, it makes sense to do so: the Web makes it cheaper and faster to reach a larger audience than the traditional method of developing, testing, packaging and distributing software to be installed on an individual user’s computer.


Subscription Management System

To develop a cloud based subscription and document management system with subscription email reminders for a European association.

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