Web Application Development Case Studies

Redevelop a legacy application


To redevelop a legacy application for a cost transformational consultancy organisation, make the application more performant, reduce the reliance on internal technical support to manage the application and take it from the internal servers and develop it so became cloud based.

Before & After

Legacy System Layout
Re-designed Layout
Legacy System main Screen
Re-designed Main Screen


The legacy application had been developed internally in a slightly haphazard fashion with a number of features not fully thought through so never actually used. In addition, there were a number of small flaws which meant that the application was not being used as intended to its full potential with certain areas of the application avoided altogether with a number of “workarounds” being used.

Transactional data was generated via the application forms with supporting data entered into the system using sql routines defined in spreadsheets. This meant a high level of reliance on technical support to use the application and no supporting validation of data entered via sql.

In addition, there was also the constraint that there was existing data and data structures to take into consideration.


We approached this with the intention of turning the application into a flexible application that could be supported by a functional user and one that could used by a multitude of customers in different ways whilst remaining true to its core function.

The first stage was to remove the existing application off the internal servers utilising Microsoft’s ActiveDirectory services so that we could deploy the application to the cloud.

We then began a process of developing a series of forms and tables so that supporting category data could be added by a functional person. This also included completely re-writing existing forms and providing the appropriate drop down lookup capability on specific fields. We also applied mandatory use of specific fields in addition to creating logic processing rules.

One area of particular pride was the ability to setup user defined fields with the capability to define the fields as having drop down values.

The client was so impressed with the results that Phase II has been commissioned which will provide increased functional capability.


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