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As technology pushes forward the pressure to increase productivity while reducing costs is increased, the way that services are made available and delivered to the public and businesses has also moved with the times. One of the biggest time and cost savings to the way we do business has been cloud computing.

An online booking system not only increases turnover but effectively manages cash flow from one central place with 365 day access and control.


Thanks to the cloud, we now have the option of allowing you to pay a much smaller monthly subscription fee for our hosting and management based services.


As businesses grow their needs might fluctuate – staff levels will change, objectives will evolve and the demand for greater efficiency will increase.


Software & updates can be installed directly from the cloud to your computer/network, and with today’s connectivity speeds this can be a very quick process.


Simple yet powerful features of our many cloud based applications is the ability to work anywhere.


Cloud services provide us with the ability to share documents and projects with your colleagues and coworkers.


Support is all part of the service with cloud applications, we take dedicated support very seriously to give a valuable “customer experience”.

Reduce administration and increase visibility


Manage all bookings from one central place. Remove the need for paper systems and control cash flow, online payment secures your booking and eases time mamangement chasing payments.

What It’s All About?

Do you run a village hall or a community association building that hires out rooms? Have you had the experience of people contacting the organisation to check the availability of a room or venue and Doris has the booking diary and she’ll get back to you? If so, a low cost, cloud based online booking system just may be what you need.

What Does It Do?

We offer a feature rich, easy to use system. This system has the ability to define both a whole venue and sub rooms of the venue but allows both to be viewed as individual booking options. If the whole venue is booked, the sub venues are “booked” and, if sub venues are booked then the whole venue is “booked”, thus eliminating the possibility of duplicate booking.

You may offer a flat hire rate for each venue entity or, you may want to charge different groups different prices for the use of the same room, a different charge for a different group such as a commercial organisation or a Community Based Association or an individual.

You may want to charge different hourly rates depending upon the time of day. All of the above capabilities are standard with the system.

Do you have regular bookings – toddlers groups, badminton club, Women’s Institute? There is the ability to generate weekly/monthly/annual scheduled events, activities or regular bookings over the period that is required.

One other capability the system provides is the ability to allow tickets for events booked in the venue to be purchased online. If the Women’s Institute are running their annual dinner event, then tickets for the event may be purchased and paid online.

Save Time and Effort

Most village halls and community based organisations are run by volunteers who, through donating their time, allow their organisation to function however; they also have a life of their own to live. Enablecom’s online booking system reduces the administrative workload of the volunteers and provides an up to-date view of venue availability and allowing the venue to be booked for and paid online.

The system also allows the association to raise invoices against those groups that have a regular booking based on the room rate and bookings over the period.

The system is hosted and managed by Enablecom with 24/7 availability and provides a daily backup of the system.
This is ideal for village halls, community association buildings, church halls or sports/recreation facilities bookings.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

To get started you need to identify who will do the online administration and get them setup on the system. The next thing to do is to define the venue/rooms that are available to be hired together with the hourly rate. You may also want to setup up those organisations who have a regular booking and you want to generate those regular booking before you make the available online.
You’re now good to go!

Where else can our system be used?

Basically for any organisation or venue that requires a room or office booking system. For example:
Meeting Rooms
Online Court Booking System
Sports Venues
Studio Booking
Professional Studios
Coworking Spaces
Classroom and Labs
Community Facilities

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Do you run a sports club with membership?

You will benefit from a cloud based subscription and document management system with subscription email reminders and online payments.


Reduce admin with easy and flexible ways to pay.


A subscription management system can help you streamline how you inform and collect membership fees from your members.

What It’s All About?

Do you run a sports club or sports associations? Are you constantly stood by the sports hall door collecting term or annual subscriptions, sending out reminders and chasing up subscription money?
If so, a low cost, cloud based online subscription management system just may be what you need.

What Does It Do?

We offer a feature rich, easy to use system. The system has the ability to define many different types of Membership Types. Each member can have multiple Membership Types associated with them. Each Membership Type has a subscription rate attached to it. The rate, when associated with a member, is transferred to that member which, if need be, can be changed specifically for that individual member. This generates a subscription due record.

We then send out an email to the Member reminding them that the membership money is due. You define how many days before the money is due that we send out the email reminder. You can define any number of reminder countdown days as required.

Do you have a parent that pays for a number of children and maybe themselves? We provide the capability to indicate that the member pays for other members, establish the link and, only the paying member receives the reminder email and they pay for the all their associated members.

The members then have the ability to pay online. Once paid online, the appropriate outstanding subscription amount is then marked as paid and another subscription record for the following period is created. All of the above capabilities are standard with the system.

Save Time and Effort

Streamline the overall subscription payment process. We provide the ability to reduce the administrative burden on your volunteers, improve the ease in which you have visibility of where you stand with membership payments whilst making it easier for the membership to pay.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

To get started you need to identify who will do the online administration and get them setup on the system. The next thing to do is to define the Membership Types and annual rates. Import you membership list (with associated Membership Types).
You’re now good to go!

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When it comes to applications, we leave no room for compromise.

The Benefits

Web applications provide business and customers with a huge range of benefits compared to non-Web based applications:
1. By developing project as a Web application (as opposed to a desktop application), you immediately make it accessible over the web – delivered to people or businesses with Internet access and a modern Internet browser.
2. Web applications are much easier to update than their desktop counterparts. To update a Web application, the amendments only need to be made to one place: the server on which the Web application runs. To update a Desktop application, however, is a much more complicated task as updates require to distributed to each and every one of the end users of the application.
3. Desktop applications which need to be installed on every user’s machine, Web applications are accessible by anyone with an Internet connection. In the same way as the Internet has revolutionised the way we shop, it’s also revolutionised the way we interact with computers.

If it's possible to have your service or product run as a Web application rather than a desktop application, it makes sense to do so: the Web makes it cheaper and faster to reach a larger audience than the traditional method of developing, testing, packaging and distributing software to be installed on an individual user’s computer.


Redevelop a legacy application and develop it so became cloud based, HUGE TIME SAVINGS.